Racing dictation - Example -

・2017 Queen Mother Champion Chase (G1) - Dictation -


The flag was raised, and they're away. They're racing, for the Betway Queen Mother Champion Chase.

As straightening to the lead, bound Special Tiara with Douvan, on his outside with a pink jacket almost leading at the first. Douvan, taking a keen hold in a hands of Ruby Walsh. Over on the far side, Fox Norton with a nose band and a red cap with handy, as so to of Garde La Victoire on the outside, as they clear the second fence. They're tracked there by Simply Ned, Traffic Fluid toward the inner, Top Gamble's tracking the leaders, toward outside with God's Own, and then out the back Sizing Granite and Sir Valentino.

On the way to fence number three, as Special Tiara out in front narrowly to Garde La Victoire, Fox Norton over on the far side. DOUVAN took off a wrong way from that fence! and had to reach for it. As they move on switch swiftly to the forth fence, and Douvan was brilliant there and gave it a lot of there and over.

In front is Special Tiara from Garde La Victoire, three length to Douvan on the outside with Fox Norton, then Top Gamble racing between Simply Ned and God's Own, followed by Traffic Fluid and Sir Valentino, and Sizing Granite.

As they now move on toward the next plain fence, Special Tiara slugging off the attemptions of Garde La Victoire is for the time being. Douvan is over in the third, then Fox Norton is around the inside, Top Gamble and Simply Ned are next fifth and sixth, and followed by Traffic Fluid on the inside of God's Own, and then Sir Valentino and Sizing Granite.

Over the first down the back straight, Special Tiara lands in front, Fox Norton nod on there at landing.

On toward the water jump, Special Tiara by about six or seven length from Douvan in second, then Garde La Victoire over in third place and God's Own is getting a little closer from Top Gamble, then Fox Norton and Simply Ned, and Sir Valentino and Traffic Fluid.

And now on to the open ditch, Sizing Granite is a little detached, oh Douvan, was a little bit too brave there he just got to the other side of the ditch wasn't his best jump.

And Special Tiara, motoring on his lead, is going toward this plain fence and brilliant jump by leader. Douvan measured that much better, then Garde La Victoire on the inside, there followed by God's Own, Top Gamble, Fox Norton just off the rail now from Simply Ned in the stripe sleeves then Sir Valentino, and Traffic Fluid.

Heading up the hill toward this big open ditch, Special Tiara with a big lead, coming his forth appearance in the Queen Mother Champion Chase. Douvan again stood right off that ditch, landed second, then on the outside is Fox Norton just third. As they swing the top of the hill turn the left handler, and begin the run toward the third last fence.

Special Tiara, by seven or eight length, and Fox Norton and Douvan, the long odds-on favourite is on the outside, still traveling comfortably under Ruby Walsh, Sir Valentino and God's Own getting closer. Simply Ned on the inside, as now they approach the third last fence.

Coming into take it, Special Tiara jumps it well again, Douvan racing between Fox Norton, and Sir Valentino. DOUVAN is just being shaken up now and didn't get up away at that fence very well! And he's in Trouble! Special Tiara leading away, God's Own and Sir Valentino, can Douvan recover his position?  He's back in fifth place and we're looking at a major shock here.

As they run to the final turn and Special Tiara, who leads away, and God's Own, Sir Valentino third, then Fox Norton. Douvan and Top Gamble over the second last. Special Tiara is chased toward the way by God's Own, Sir Valentino, Fox Norton, Top Gamble staying on well at the last.

Another BRILLIANT JUMP by Special Tiara!  Needing up a Cheltenham Hill. Fox Norton is on the ATTACK!  Sir Valentino, and then behind there's God's Own. Special Tiara, cut back by Fox Norton, Special Tiara running on instinct! Fox Norton is thrusting down the near side! But SPECIAL TIARA, WINS the QUEEN MOTHER CHAMPION CHASE at the forth attempt! Fox Norton just a nice second, then Top Gamble and Traffic Fluid.

1.They're racing~

"They're off"とか言います。スタートしました、みたいな。

2. far side / near side

OutsideとInsideはコースの外側 or 内側。Far sideとはスタンドから見て遠い側という意味。Near sideとはスタンドから見て近い側。併用します。

3. take off a wrong way


4. detached


5. brave


6. Traffic Fluid

たぶん実況の間違いでTop Gambleだと思います。