There are eight racecourses Jump racing are programmed in Japan. Nakayama Grand Jump (JG1) and Nakayama Dai-Shogai (JG1), which are most authoritative Jump races, are conducted at Nakayama racecourse. Obstacles are widely various between Japanese jump courses, Nakayama (中山) has unique big valley called banquette and the biggest fences in Japan, while Chukyo (中京) and Nigata (新潟) have only hurdles on flat turf track. There are no Jumps are at Sappro (札幌), Hakodate (函館) and NAR Racecourses.

Fukushima (福島)

Hanshin (阪神)

Kokura (小倉)

Kyoto (京都)

Nakayama (中山)

Nigata (新潟)

Tokyo (東京)

Chukyo (中京)